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Meet the Camp Director: Whispering Winds


Q&A with Camp Whispering Winds Director, Io!

Q: What camp will you direct this year?

A: Whispering Winds.

Q: What’s your real name?
A: Natalie Lucker.

Q: What’s your camp name?
A: Io.

Q: Were you a camper at one of our resident camps?
A: Yes! I was a camper at Whispering Winds. I started when I was six and went every year until I was old enough to be a counselor.

Q: Were you a camper at other resident camps?
A: I went to 4-H camp.

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as a kid?
A: I loved horse camp; grooming, care and learning about horses was almost more fun than actually riding! I also had a great time being a CIT.

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as an adult?
A: I can’t remember any specific moments that stand out as my absolute favorite, but every summer I always enjoy watching campers who show up on their first day and say they’re afraid of something—horses, archery, canoes—and end their week at camp petting horses, shooting arrows, and paddling. Some of my other top moments include taking the Llama Ladies to the llamas when I was at Arrowhead, watching a meteor shower at Whispering Winds, and seeing a Brownie yell “THIS REALLY IS AMERICA!” at a bald eagle we saw fishing in the Cleawox lake at 7:30 in the morning.

Q: What is your favorite camp song?
A: The Banjo Song.

Q: What is your favorite camp kaper (chore)?
A: Sweeping anything.

Q: What is your advice to parents sending their Girl Scout to camp for the first time?
A: If you show your camper that you’re confident she’s going to have a great time, she’ll feel more confident when she arrives at camp on the first day. Make sure you send her lots of letters and/or emails!

Q: What is your advice for parents of camp veterans?
A: Encourage your camper to try something she didn’t get to try last year!

Q: What does a camp director do?
A: Train the rest of the camp staff and help them be successful all summer, fill in at activities and the kitchen when needed, oversee camper medication, complete paperwork, visit all the campers at all the activities to make sure everyone is having a good time, pet the horses, get the mail if no one else has had time.

Q: What’s your advice to a homesick camper?
A: Try to get sucked into an activity. Once you’re having fun, you’ll forget to feel homesick. If you’re homesick at night and can’t fall asleep, ask your counselor to read to you. Most of the time, after a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel a lot better.

Q: How many years have you worked at camp?
A: This will be my 11th summer working at camp.

Q: S’mores: singed or scorched?
A: Singed. I’m not showing up unannounced at your campfire just to eat a burnt marshmallow.

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