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Day Trips Training

Wed Nov 08, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST
Portland Service Center
$3 - $8
Volunteer Training
This course explores all the ways to help you and your girls plan and implement safe, fun and successful activities. This training focuses on readiness and progression in learning for both the girls and the adults associated with the troop.
This training is for adults who are preparing Girl Scout troops to leave their regular meeting space for activities such as field trips and day trips. Before your girls plan an outing, you have to feel comfortable with the idea of going outdoors and know how to determine if your girls are ready to venture beyond the meeting space. Equally important is determining if you and the other adults are ready. 
To be prepared for your class, please start by reviewing our online Troop Safety Module. On the day of the class, please remember to bring your copy of Volunteer Essentials. Extra copies are available at your local service center or online.
Effective 11/05/17, the fee for this training will increase to $8, to include the late registration fee.