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Indoor Overnights Training

Tue May 23, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM PDT
Portland Service Center
$1 - $6
Volunteer Training
Come talk to other leaders and experienced trainers to learn how to plan basic to complex indoor overnight trips with your Girl Scouts!
This training is for adults who are preparing Girl Scout groups to leave their regular meeting space and progressively participate in indoor overnight adventures (up to three (3) nights). Overnight facility must be a closed, structured building that has the following amenities: water, heat, toilets, lights, kitchen facilities, and cell/phone coverage. During the training we will explore all the ways to help you and your girls plan and implement safe, fun, and successful activities.

On the day of the class, please remember to bring your copy of Volunteer Essentials and Outdoor Resource Guide received in Day Trips. Extra copies of Volunteer Essentials are available at your local service center or online.
Effective 5/20/17, the fee for this training will increase to $6 to include the late registration fee.