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Brownie Troop Leadership

Make a Kaper Chart
Kaper is the Girl Scout word for a temporary job.  A Kaper Chart is the Girl Scout way of dividing jobs or “kapers” in a unit.   A Kaper Chart tells what job is expected to be done and by whom.  The chart also provides for a rotation of those jobs.  Use Kaper Charts for activities such as meetings, cookouts/overnights, or any other activity requiring a number of jobs to be completed to carry out that activity.  To make a Kaper Chart:
  1. Explain the kaper and patrol system to girls.
  2. List the jobs to be done, what each job entails, when what and how.
  3. Consider the number of people to do each job (how many will you need to make each worker useful)?  Divide the unit into work groups of 4-6 girls.
  4. Let girls choose how to name their patrol group giving them fun names like “Fire Chiefs” or “Biffy Buffers”.
  5. Divide kapers so that each group has a job.
  6. Make a chart allowing for rotation of jobs so that each girl or patrol can do something new each day. Make a chart that is creative and fun to look at.  Eye-catching charts create interest.  Girls form the habit of checking, at the beginning of a meeting or trip, what their job is.
  7. Discuss rotation with girls and review details of each job.
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