Life Skills
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Life Skills

Girl Scout badges, beginning with Civic Engagement and expanding to Healthy Living, Communication Skills, Practical Skills, and Global Citizenship, form the foundation of activities that help girls grow as Girl Scouts.

Whether it’s by exercising and staying healthy, developing strong relationships with family and peers, advocating on behalf of others, protecting our environment, or exploring careers that can truly change the world for the better, girls gain the skills and the inspiration to accept challenges, overcome obstacles, and take the lead.

Life Skills At-home Program

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PREPARED, NOT SCARED:  The Great Cascadia Zombie Survival Challenge - COVID-19 Edition . This program, developed by our sisters at  Girl Scouts of Western Washington , was originally envisioned to help girls and their families be prepared for a natural disaster, namely an earthquake. Little did they know how valuable the skills and information would be during the COVID-19 health crisis. The program has been updated with information and activities relevant to today's global health challenge.  Get started!

Earn Life Skills Badges and Journeys
Life Skills Badges and Journeys

As a Girl Scout, she’ll identify a problem she wants to do something about, come up with a creative solution that will make a difference, and create a team plan to make that solution a reality. Then she’ll put her plan into action, talk about what she learned, and celebrate her achievements.

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