Gold Award Spotlight
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Gold Award Spotlight


24 Incredible Girl Scouts earned the highest award a Girl Scout can earn, the Gold Award. This Gold Award Spotlight highlights 6 Gold Award projects. 

Troutdale, Oregon
My Father's House Crockpot Recipes

Jessica organized a small team to create, test and format a cookbook for a crockpot cooking class program at a homeless shelter for families. This cookbook provides recipes that are easily accessible, easily understood and easy to complete. She donated the format for the cookbook and several printed, bound copies for future use by the shelter.

Salem, Oregon
Cloth Salmon Educational Tools
Karoline updated school curriculum about salmon for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. As a part of the curriculum, she designed and—with the help of her team—sewed 25 anatomically accurate salmon that the department will use when it presents its Salmon Trout Enhancement Program in classrooms.

Creswell, Oregon
Festival of Trees
Regan Humble created the Creswell Festival of Trees to bring awareness to the Creswell Library and support its expansion. Regan recruited community volunteers to decorate the trees and publicized the event, which took place the first week of December. Using the “How to Booklet” she created, a local group continued the tradition with a successful 2nd Annual Festival of Trees.

Clackamas, Oregon
A Bridge Across Two Worlds
Rosalie created a sustainable volunteer network for an elementary school serving hearing impaired students with cochlear implants. She identified volunteer opportunities and created a presentation to educate potential volunteers about the school, the hearing impaired community, and cochlear implants. Three Girl Scout troops and three Key Clubs plan to continue volunteering at the school.

Tigard, Oregon
Care Kits for Third World Countries
Sydney decided to take action and help families in third world countries whose health was impacted by a lack of hygiene products by holding a personal care kit drive. With the donations she received, Sydney and her volunteers assembled kits to distribute to families in need around the world. She worked with Medical Teams International to distribute the kits, and has provided the drive information and volunteer opportunity information to many eager volunteers hoping to continue the project.

Fairview, Oregon
Tovah designed an event called Bloom, designed to engage, elevate and empower females ages 8-16. With the support of several local professionals, Tovah taught girls about hair, skin, nutrition, exercise, personal safety, calming techniques, and dressing confidently. To keep her project sustainable, Tovah passed a planning guide for Bloom to the Wallace Medical Concern, who are considering running it annually.