Outdoor Skills Training - Camas - 9/26-9/27/20
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Outdoor Skills Training - Camas - 9/26-9/27/20

Sat Sep 26, 9:00 AM - Sun Sep 27, 12:00 PM PST
Camas, WA: Camp Currie, 618 NE 232nd Ave Map
Volunteer Training
Outdoor Skills is the third step in the outdoor training progression. This hands-on training prepares adults how to teach girls the intricacies of managing a campsite. You will learn to teach girls how to safely strike and use matches, light wood fires and propane stoves, chop wood, set up camp, set up tents, prepare for sleeping in the cold, and complete all the meal preparation and clean-up so by the time your troop goes camping, the girls will be taking themselves. Expect to spend 6 months or more teaching and preparing the troop for this type of outing.
This training is to be taken at least 6 months before your troop takes an outdoor camping trip at an established camp site that is missing one or more of the following: running water, heat, flush toilets, kitchen facilities, and phone/cell coverage.
Approximately one week prior to the training date, you will receive an email with directions to the training location and a packing list, including your own tent and sleeping gear and the Outdoor Resource Guide received during Day Trips Training.
REQUIRED in-person pre-requisite training: any grade level training, Day Trips Training, and Indoor Overnights Training.
Registration for this course will be evaluated on 9/18/20. If the number of registrants does not meet the required minimum by this date, the training will be cancelled.

Please contact answers@girlscoutsosw.org regarding cancellations and transfers. No transfers within two weeks of the training. Cancellations within those two weeks will include a $10 fee and no refunds will be given after the evaluation date.

GSOSW volunteer trainings are adult member-only events and everyone in attendance must preregister. Please make other arrangements for your children.