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Blended Small Craft Safety Training - Whispering Winds - 6/3/23 - 6/4/23

Sat Jun 03, 9:00 AM - Sun Jun 04, 2:00 PM PDT
Adult Training

Upon completion of this training and pending instructor approval, you will be qualified for three years to take girls out on canoes and kayaks at GSOSW properties and other flatwater locations deemed safe by the qualified individual. This course does not include lifeguarding training or certification. The in-person portion of the training will be held at Whispering Winds in Philomath, Oregon and takes places from 9:00am on Saturday to 2:00pm on Sunday. Overnight accommodations are provided and participants may arrive as early as 5:00pm on Friday, June 2nd. 

Please note that this two-day training conflicts with the other trainings happening at Whispering Winds during this Outdoor Training Palooza weekend. Volunteers taking this training will not be able to attend other events scheduled over the weekend.

A week prior to the training date you will be assigned the required online portion of the training through gsLearn. After you receive the assignment email from gsLearn, you will be able to log into your My GS account, click on gsLearn, and view the Small Craft Safety Training listed on your homepage. This course contains approximately one hour of training videos and a knowledge check. You will be unable to participate in the in-person training and skills test if you do not complete and pass all modules in the online course before 12:00pm the day prior to the in-person training.

The in-person session requires strenuous physical activity. You will be in and out of the cold water during all outdoor components. Some of the skills include: Using clothing in the water to create a personal flotation device, swimming with and without a PFD, tipping and righting water craft in the water, paddling and solo navigating in the water. Prior to the training you will receive an email with more details, including a packing list.

If the number of registrants does not meet the required minimum by the cancellation deadline, the training will be cancelled and participants will be notified and fully refunded.

GSOSW volunteer trainings are adult, member-only and council-only, events. Please make other arrangements for your children.