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Cookies, campfires, and bracelets are all part of the journey, but changing the world? That's the real destination! One adventure at a time, Girl Scouts learn, grow and do amazing things. Unleash your inner leader. Starting Kindergarten in the fall? Get helpful tips from Girl Scouts!

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Introduce girls to awesome new experiences that change their perspectives and broaden their worlds. Be a mentor, a guiding star, a friend. Show them all that they're capable of, and unleash your inner leader in the process.

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Girl Scout overnight camps - Camp ArrowheadCamp Cleawox and Camp Whispering Winds - are the perfect place for your girl to develop new skills and find self-confidence in a safe, fun environment. No prior Girl Scout experience needed to attend!

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The Latest from GSOSW

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Why Just Trying is Sometimes Good Enough

24 Apr 2019

As girls get older, studies show that their fearless sense of adventure starts to give way to something a bit less fun: the pressure to be perfect. Just how serious is the problem, though? By age 13, nearly half of girls say they “aren’t allowed to fail.” Scary, right? Not if you follow some simple advice to encourage your girl to try new things.

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Celebrate Girl Scout Bridging!

19 Apr 2019

Bridging ceremonies are the perfect time to stop, take stock of every awesome adventure, and celebrate as we embrace the future! These helpful resources can help you and your girls plan.

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6 Things Bilingual Kids Need You to Know

17 Apr 2019

Beyond a wonderful way to honor and celebrate your family’s heritage, raising your girl to speak more than one language can give her a big leg up when it comes to landing a job, traveling the globe, and even learning new concepts in general. But there are probably a few things you don’t know about being a truly bilingual girl in today’s world. Here are six things bilingual kids want you to know.