Workshops Offered by GSOSW

Enrichment workshops enhance your volunteer experience and offer specific ideas for activities such as ceremonies, games, outdoor cooking, crafts and more. Connect with other volunteers for fun and learning!
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Hooky Weekend | Save the Date for September 2015!
Hooky Weekend is full of fun and enrichment for adults at the Oregon coast. For more information about Hooky Weekend, contact Cheryl Holmes at

I CAN Conference | Save the Date for October 2015!

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Registration for the 2014 ICAN Conference is now closed. Mark your calendar now to take advantage of Early Bird registration in May 2015!

This annual fun filled adult leadership development weekend will enrich your experience as a leader! It will be packed full of valuable workshops, relaxation and networking.

All workshops go above and beyond what you have already learned in required training. By the end of the overnight weekend at Mountaindale Outdoor Program Center in North Plains, OR, you will say "I CAN" do anything with girls!

For questions or more information about I CAN, please contact Jinny Haines at or 503-453-5768.

Workshops Offered by Outside Agencies

Many outside agencies offer valuable training opportunities, some of which are listed below. Registration is handled by the sponsoring agency (not GSOSW).

Child Abuse & Reporting

This optional course covers the identification & prevention of child abuse/neglect and reporting procedures. According to our council's policies, all volunteers shall immediately report any incidents or strong suspicions of child abuse or neglect to the appropriate agency and inform Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington. We'd like to be clear that the law does not require your volunteer position to report child abuse; it is our council's policies that require you to report.

This course was developed by representatives from various education service districts, school districts and welfare organizations. We are only providing the link to this online resource; we are not responsible for the content and cannot help with any technical difficulties you may experience. 

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Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Phone Numbers:
Oregon Department of Human Services
Washington State Department of Social & Health Services

service unit
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