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Background Check

The safety of our girls is of utmost importance, so GSOSW members who plan to volunteer in the following capacities must complete a background check:

  • Any person who will have direct contact with girls.
  • Any volunteer with financial responsibility.
  • All service team members.

Additionally, all persons 18 years or older who reside at a residence where meetings or events occur must have a current GSOSW background check.

Not a current member of Girl Scouts? Start here to join Girl Scouts and submit your background check! If you are a current member in need of your first background check or if you're renewing an expiring background check, read on!

How to Complete Your Background Check

STEP 1: Write down this code before you begin: gsosw1912

STEP 2: Review the following information.

  • The background check takes at least one week to process.
  • You will not be able to view the results of your completed background check. This portal only lets you enter information. Read the background check Q&A for more information.
  • You must complete a background check every three years. If you have questions regarding when to renew your background check, please contact

STEP 3: Have the password? Great! Let's begin your background check.

Have a question? We're here to help! Email for assistance.