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Cookie Lovers Rejoice!


Via The Bulletin:

PRINEVILLE — Girl Scouts in Oregon and southwest Washington added a digital component to their cookie sales repertoire Saturday, to the delight of Central Oregon cookie aficionados and Girl Scouts alike. Prineville Troop 50797 welcomes the new tool, saying it will help them overcome challenges unique to living in a community with more farms than city blocks.

Rebecca Reed, 14, lives 6 miles outside of Prineville’s city center, and all the homes in her neighborhood are on 5-acre parcels, said Jennifer Reed, Rebecca’s mom and troop leader.

“She wouldn’t really be able to walk around, so we drive into Prineville and try to do walking around in town,” Reed said. “In our rural community, it’s not as easy as going around in Portland, where there’s block after block (of homes). Rebecca doesn’t go out to the farms.”

The organization’s push to go digital allows scouts to sell cookies to friends and family members in other areas of the country with ease, while introducing them to the concepts and practices of e-commerce, said Sarah Miller, of Portland, spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington....Read more at