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Give the Gift of Recognition


‘Tis the season for giving - and 'tis also the season for Girl Scout awards! Show the Girl Scout volunteers, adult members, and partners in your girl's life how much you and your girl appreciate them by nominating them for an award! These adults guide, mentor and help girls develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime - say “thank you” by nominating them for a Girl Scout award today.

There are all kinds of Girl Scout awards available to recognize the many different people - leaders, parents, friends in the community, service team members -  who make Girl Scouting happen:

  • Is there a brand new leader who has been outstanding in their first year? Check out the Rising Star award designed for leaders new to Girl Scouts.

  • How about an inspiring experienced volunteer who is a shining example of an ideal leader? Try the Guiding Star award.

  • What about the parent or volunteer in your troop who loves the outdoors and shares that passion with girls? They could receive the Outdoor Enthusiast award.

  • That service team member whom your area would flounder without? They deserve the national level Appreciation Pin.

Whatever a volunteer's strengths, there's an award to show your appreciation for everything they do. 

For information on all the available awards and how to nominate someone, check out our Adult Recognition page.

Give the gift of recognition - nominate a Girl Scout adult today!