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Robo Chicas take home 2nd place in FIRST® LEGO® League tournament


Join us in congratulating the Girl Scouts from Troop 14106! These young ladies, known as the Robo Chicas, took second place in the a recent FIRST® LEGO® League tournament, a team-based engineering and science program for kids ages 9-14.  On December 5, 20 teams gathered in Salem to participate in this year’s TRASH TREK theme, a challenge to explore the hidden beauty of trash from collection, to sorting, to smart production and reuse.

Robo Chicas dared to discover the worth of discarded crayons by researching how long crayons made from a petroleum product spend in our landfills. They determined that we don’t have to throw out our old crayons because they can be reused and recycled! Girls collected broken and used crayons and gave them new life by melting them into new, fun shapes. Robo Chicas took the new crayons to shelters and hospitals and donated them to other children. They are also planning to send the reused crayons to children in Ecuador. The girls know that part of being a child is having the chance to draw and have fun creating art. They want to share that experience with children in their own communities and other parts of the world that may not have that opportunity.

The girls learned that by melting the crayons down and reusing them they are not only giving other children the chance to explore their coloring creativity but are also helping to decrease the amounts of petroleum in landfills, creating a useful solution to help our world’s trash problems.

On Saturday, January 9, the girls in Troop 14106 will compete to win the state competition. We wish them the best of luck!