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Girl Scout Gold Award Weekly Highlights


The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and more the power of a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™. Each week leading up to the Gold Award Recognition Ceremony, GSOSW is highlighting Golf Award Girl Scouts, and sharing their amazing Gold Award projects. Check out this week’s highlights of go-getting, innovating, risk-taking Gold Award Girl Scouts—young women who are changing the world!

Girl Scout Gold Award Weekly Highlights

Lily Roth
Instrument Inventory and Tracking Program

Lily created an instrument log and tracking system for the Tualatin High School Band and Orchestra. She recruited and organized volunteers to collect the serial numbers of about 300 instruments, and describe, photograph, and tag each one. This data was then placed both in a paper tracking log and input into an electronic log and provided to the school for calculating the value of each instrument for insurance purposes. Lily also created a detailed instruction manual for the band director on how to maintain or duplicate the project. Because of her efforts, the school has been able to track and retrieve several lost instruments.

Kalani Miller
Be Our Guest

Kalani addressed the lack of community events for teens-in-need and foster teens by organizing a special three-course dinner for foster children aged 13-18. She not only provided entertainment, but also held an etiquette lesson to serve as an icebreaker. By completing this project, Kalani learned proper etiquette and table setting, how to communicate with adults on a professional and equal level, and how to negotiate the complexities of a leadership position.

Hannah Grudzkinski
Keeping Our History

Hannah wanted to preserve a unique part of her town’s history and tradition, the court of the annual Strawberry Festival. Hannah researched over 70 years of records and created a scrapbook featuring photographs and descriptions of the dresses worn by each Strawberry Festival’s court to help connect her community to its past and ensure that this special tradition would not be lost or forgotten.

Kellie Zepeda
Inform and Unite: Resources and Services Available to All

To improve access to resources in her community, Kellie worked with local professionals to identify resources available to families and community members with disabilities or special needs. Kellie established both a Facebook page and a resource binder available in English and Spanish at a local library to improve access to education and support. Kellie advertised the availability of these informational resources throughout her community, and worked with partners to ensure the resources will be maintained.

Marissa Levy
Cover Your Head While you Shred

Marissa organized a booth at Timberline Lodge to increase awareness among skiers and snowboarders about the dangers of concussions and the benefits of wearing a helmet. She designed her own informational marketing materials, recruited medical speakers, and held demonstrations on the proper fit of a helmet.

Jeanne DeMeo
Backpacks for Refugee Students

Jeanne provided backpacks filled with school supplies for refugee students, in an effort to ensure that they have all the tools they need to be successful in their new school environment. Through her project, Jeanne also hoped to address misinformed stereotypes and eliminate barriers between refugees and the community at large. Jeanne partnered with her school’s National Honor Society to ensure the project will continue.

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