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The Great Outdoors Challenge: June


June: “The Happy Camper”

Congratulations-- you’ve made it to June, Great Outdoors Month! Use what you’ve learned so far in the Great Outdoors Challenge to create the perfect June camping adventure.

Pick Your Happy Camper Project! Some of the activities below recommend using the internet for research. Be sure to complete the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before you start.


Never been camping before? No problem! Your backyard is the perfect place to try it out. Ask family or friends to join you on an overnight camping experience at your very own home. You can eat dinner outside, play games outside, and, of course, sleep outside! Whether you sleep in a tent or under the stars is up to you.

In your Nature Journal, draw a picture of your backyard campsite, write down fun activities you can do while camping, and plan out a dinner menu. Create invitations for people to join you in your backyard adventure!


It’s time to step up your camping game! Find a campsite in a natural public area, and go camping with your friends or family in a beautiful place. Visit to find campsites near you go somewhere farther away for an even bigger adventure!

Next, plan everything you need for your trip. What camping gear do you need to bring with you? What type of food should you take? Did you check the weather to make sure you have what you need to stay comfortable? Record all these notes in your Nature Journal. After your successful camping trip, add your favorite memories to your journal, along with any photos or drawings you have to remember the experience.


Ready for the ultimate camping experience? Sign up for GSOSW overnight camp! Visit to see our three overnight camps and decide which program is the best fit for you.

In your Nature Journal, write what you are excited for, what you are nervous about, and a few things you hope to do while at Arrowhead, Cleawox, or Whispering Winds. It’ll be fun to look back at your journal after a fun time at camp and add cherished memories to it!


About the Great Outdoors Challenge

The Great Outdoors Challenge is all about getting outside and getting excited about the amazing natural world around us! Each month, you will complete a challenge and document it in your nature journal. This “journal” can be whatever gets you excited to share your outdoor experiences: a sketchpad, a lined notebook, a blog, a shadowbox, maybe even a video journal! Be creative and choose something that motivates you to explore the great outdoors.

When choosing your activity each month, try to select an activity that will be a reasonable challenge for you without taking away from your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Your goal is to be outside to learn and grow, while also creating wonderful memories!

Once you have chosen your activity, document your adventures into your chosen nature journal as you go about the project, whether it takes you a day or the whole month. Show off your discoveries with pride! You can use the hashtag #gsoutdoors to share your creations with the world and inspire other girls to get outdoors.

In June—National Great Outdoors Month—send a photo and story from your Journal to and you’ll receive a special Great Outdoors Challenge fun patch! Grab your adventure buddy, try something new and most of all—have fun!

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