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Meet the Camp Director: Camp Arrowhead


Q&A with Camp Arrowhead Director, Clark!

Q: What camp will you direct this year?
A: Camp Arrowhead - Stevenson, WA.

Q: What’s your real name? 
A: Sarah.

Q: What’s your camp name? 
A: Clark.

Q: Were you a camper at one of our resident camps? 
A: I wish! I didn’t grow up in the PNW, but I did go to Girl Scout camp when I was in my troop for several summers in elementary school in what is now the GSACPC (Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus Pine Council).

Q: Were you a camper at other resident camps? 
A: Yes! I went to choir camp from age 10-16 in Northern Arizona and when I was at Arizona State University we went to leadership retreats with my Undergraduate Student Government team at Camp Shadow Pines in NE Arizona. 

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as a kid? 
A: Scavenger hunts, I love a good adventure and I always wanted to be Nancy Drew when I was little. Lanyards and friendship bracelets, I loved that it was such a unique craft activity just for passing time at camp. 

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as an adult?
A: Helping to put those traditions, crazy ideas and fun activities in place. I like the quiet hum after a theme meal when I'm packing up the decorations and streamers, watching as everyone is munching on their Goldfish after GoldRush, or when people are splashing and eating their popsicles by the pool after finishing their hike on mountain day. It's all of those little in between moments. 

Q: What is your favorite camp song?
A: On My Honor.

Q: What is your favorite camp kaper (chore)?
A: Hopping (setting up the lodge for meals). 

Q: What is your advice to parents sending their Girl Scout to camp for the first time? 
A: Keep expectations simple. Find something exciting to look forward to each day. Whether it’s what’s for lunch, a program area, or seeing a new friend. If you encourage them to stay focused on something positive that’s coming up they may not have time to miss home. Going over the brochure with them so they know what is available to look forward to and get excited for is also a big help!

Q: What is your advice for parents of camp veterans?
A: Be a friend! The quickest way to get homesick is feeling like you don’t know what’s going on or feeling left out and all alone. If your child is a returning camper, encourage them to seek out those who are new to this environment and share a tradition or memory with them and be a buddy! 

Q: What does a Camp Director do?
A: A little bit of everything! The camp director is focused on keeping camp on schedule and operating smoothly. From before you even arrive at camp, I am planning, problem solving and getting operating procedures in place. It is my priority to make sure we have an incredible, well-rounded and energetic staff ready to give the ultimate care to each camper. I will be focused on the safety, wellness and fun that is provided for each camper as we plan out each session and within program areas to make sure that the fundamentals and camp magic are all accounted for!

Q: What’s your advice to a homesick camper?
A: Try and take it one hour at a time. When you dwell on how lonely, sad and homesick you are, it can be hard to embrace the fun and participate in the spontaneity of camp scheduling. It’s part of our brains to miss the ones we love and the place we live. I often encourage homesick campers to write a quick note about the day or draw a picture of something fun they saw or did or to think about what they would want to be doing if they were there with you. That’s always a huge help to me when I start to feel stuck in my head at camp. 

Q: How many years have you worked at camp?
A: This will be my second summer. 

Q: S’mores: singed or scorched? 
A: I prefer it singed. However if someone is making it FOR me, I will take it however it arrives. 

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