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Meet the Camp Director: Camp Cleawox


Q&A with Camp Cleawox Director, Butterfly!

Q: What camp will you direct this year?
A: Camp Cleawox.

Q: What’s your real name?
A: Pamela.

Q: What’s your camp name?
A: Butterfly.

Q: Were you a camper at one of our overnight camps?
A: Yes! I was a camper at Camp Cleawox for 10 years before I became a staff member. I also went through the CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program.

Q: Were you a camper at other overnight camps?
A: I was never a camper at another overnight camp but I did spend my first year as a staff member as a CIT II at Whispering Winds for a summer.

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as a kid?
A: My favorite memory as a camper is when I was in my first or second year at camp at She and Me with my mom. I would do the swim check on the first day and never swim for the rest of the week. I made my own lake in the sand that I would fill with water and play in. Another favorite memory of mine is also the first time I went to Cleawox by myself. I remember I cried walking down the hill away from the lodge and to our unit, Clippers, and after that, I had the time of my life and still remember my counselors.

Q: What is your favorite camp memory as an adult?
A: My favorite memory as an adult are the campers that I get to see time and time again, every year they come back. I also love when a camper learns to make a fire and gets to light that match for the first time or when they learn how to shoot an arrow at archery and hit the target. Those skills that the girls don't get to use or practice outside of camp are my favorite moments at camp. When the girls then turn to their peers with words of encouragement and stepping up to help out when others are struggling with the new skills is the leadership icing on the cake!

Q: What is your favorite camp song?
A: Favorite song … that's a hard one, there are so many! I'd have to go with Hey Burrito or the Princess Pat.

Q: What is your favorite camp kaper (chore)?
A: Sweeping the lodge or cleaning the shower house. Both so satisfying.

Q: What is your advice to parents sending their Girl Scout to camp for the first time?
A: Send pre-addressed and stamped stationery for your camper to send back home, and also to send mail or emails to camp! Not only is it a great way for the camper to feel safe at camp, but the letters they send home is also a great thing to save as a special memory of their time at camp.

Q: What is your advice for parents of camp veterans?
A: Let your camper choose what program they want to return to! I always looked forward to the camp brochure coming out and getting to narrow down what program I was going to be a part of. Also let your camper pack their bags! They know what they will want at their stay from their past experience. Don't forget to check it before they leave if they pack themselves to make sure they packed enough underwear and socks though!

Q: What does a camp director do?
A: As a camp director I hire all the staff before camp starts, make the staff training schedule and make sure we follow all ACA guidelines, buy camp supplies which could be anything from arrows, craft supplies to granola bars. I also oversee all program activities that happen and make sure that everything is there for them to be successful. Most importantly, I make sure that every girl that comes to camp has the best experience and learns lifelong leadership skills while building her self-esteem.

Q: What’s your advice to a homesick camper?
A: Remember the magic of camp. There are not many places that you experience what you do while at camp. The counselors are always there for you and there are so many camp activities to choose from. Find the one that you love!

Q: How many years have you worked at camp?
A: This will be my seventh year on staff at camp.

Q: S’mores: singed or scorched?
A: Neither! I like mine golden brown.

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