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Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program is a simple, fun product program offering girls and troops the opportunity to earn funds for Girl Scout activities while also practicing five important skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. The 2021 Fall Product Program theme is Rise Up!

Learn more with the 2021 Fall Product Program Family Guide.

Questions? Contact your troop leader, service unit product manager or Girl Scout product program staff for more information.

How to Participate

Girls can choose from a variety of participation options to sell nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions from our product partners Ashdon Farms and M2. Online and in-person options ensure girls can succeed, even with a busy schedule!

In-Person Sales

  • Girls can collect nut/candy orders on an order card from friends and family earning their troop $1 per item! Products will arrive mid-November to be delivered to customers.
  • Customers who live near girls may be able to place girl delivery orders online. Customers order select nut/candy items and pay online, and the girl delivers the items in person.

Online Sales

  • Girls can set up an online store. Customers order and pay online, and product is shipped directly to customers. Troops earn 20% for online candy/nut orders.
  • Customers can order magazine subscriptions online from girls. Troops will earn 10% from online magazine sales.

Ready to participate? Talk with your troop leaders about your troop's participation in the Fall Product Program this year. Check out the 2021 Fall Product Program Family Guide, see important dates below, and get ready to learn and earn with the Fall Product Program!

Questions? Contact your troop leader, service unit product manager or Girl Scout product program staff for more information.

Important Dates

August 13, 2021 Fall Product Program Troop Pre-Qualification Deadline
September 17, 2021 Fall Product Program begins
October 21, 2021 In-person ordering ends
October 22, 2021 In person orders due to troop product manager
October 26, 2021 Girl delivery ordering ends
November 11-13, 2021 Pick up product from service unit product manager
November 29, 2021 Fall Product Program ends
November 30, 2021 Recognition choices due to troop product manager
December 1, 2021 All money due to troop product manager
Mid-January 2022 Recognitions shipped to service unit product manager

COVID-19 and the Fall Product Program

Please refer to Girl Scouts Together for the most up-to-date COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and requirements, and follow all applicable guidelines when participating in Girl Scout activities.

Product Information

Customers can choose from this delightful selection of nut and candy products (click on the image to view it larger)!


Recognitions and Fall Product Program Credits

Along with individual recognitions, girls can create their own avatar and earn personalized and themed patches—including the crossover patch for girls who meet criteria for both the 2021 Fall Product Program and the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Check out the avatars girls created last year with the 2020 Fall Product Program Virtual Yearbook!

Girls can earn amazing recognitions based on the number of items they sell during the Fall Product Program! Check out this year's recognition items (click on the image to view it larger):


Fall Product Program Credits (Nut Credits) are an individual recognition acknowledging girls' hard work and entreprenurial success. Girls practice five important life skills while they earn Fall Program Credits, and also while they spend it! There are lots of ways to use Fall Program Credit - from membership to camp to travel and more.

Earned Fall Program Credit in previous years? To check your credit balance, follow the instructions on the back of your card.