Forms and Documents | Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington
Troop Finances: 6 Available
  1. Due by June 30 each year to SU Treasurer.
  2. NEW! Online fillable Troop Financial Report.
  3. Form #107b: Log troop income and expense.
  4. A step-by-step guide to completing Form #108.
  5. Form #113: Approval for money-earning projects.
  6. Form #606: Donation Authorization.
Registration Forms: 4 Available
  1. Use this form to register as a Girl Scout.
  2. Use este formulario para registrarse con Girl Scouts.
  3. Use this form to register as an adult member.
  4. Use este formulario para registrarse como adulto.
Health & Safety: 4 Available
  1. Provides activity safety standards and guidelines.
  2. Form #120: Retained by troop leader.
  3. Form #117: For high-risk activities or short trips.
  4. Use this list to find out if a vendor for a high-risk activity has been approved by GSOSW.
Travel: 4 Available
  1. How to rent GSOSW camp properties and program centers.
  2. Form #119: Notify the council of regional travel.
  3. Form #121a: Notify GSOSW of planned travel.
  4. Form #121b: Complete three months in advance of trip.
Volunteer Resources: 6 Available
  1. Everything you need to know in one convenient place!
  2. Get started as a troop leader with this handy guide.
  3. Council volunteer policies and procedures (9/2021)
  4. Políticas y procedimientos para voluntarios (9/2021)
  5. GSOSW Troop Disband Guide.
  6. This online form replaces paper form #502.