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Required Training for Cookie/Product Managers


Thank you for choosing to volunteer as a Troop Product Manager (TPM) with the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Twice a year Girl Scouts participate in programs developed by GSUSA to provide them with opportunities to explore being entrepreneurs. Girls get a chance to discover what it takes to run a small business using in-person and online platforms to sell to their friends, family and community. The Fall Product Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program provide Girl Scouts with the opportunity to learn by doing. Every step that they take during these programs help them build skills they can use for a lifetime. Just like all Girl Scout program girls lead the way in the product sale programs. What makes the product sale programs so special is the coordinated effort of adults and girls in your community coming together to make these experiences possible. Troop Product Managers are integral to this process as they coordinate and organize troop sales, record-keeping and money handling, so that every girl can participate in this national program.

Below are the online training requirements for Cookie/Product Managers, which only need to be taken once and at any time.

Additional training must be taken by a TPM with their Service Unit Product Manager (SUPM) prior to the start of each product program in order to receive access to marketing systems and sales materials. Both fall and spring product programs have specific deadlines for troops to have met eligibility requirements in order to participate, which include online and in-person training. Please contact your SU volunteer team to get connected with the product manager for your service unit to receive deadlines and to schedule training.


gsLearn is your one-stop shop for all of your online training, as well as other helpful tutorials. More information about gsLearn and how to log in can be found on the gsLearn page. If you are a new troop cookie or product manager, then please complete the GSOSW Troop Product Manager Learning Path in gsLearn, which contains the following required trainings:

  • GSOSW Foundations
  • GSOSW Troop Finance
  • GSOSW Mandatory Reporter Training for Volunteers