Stereotype Busting (And Super Fun) Gifts for Girls
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Stereotype Busting (And Super Fun) Gifts for Girls


You want the best for your girl, at home, at school and in life. That's why Girl Scouts is happy to share straightforward, realistic, and proven advice on everything from family pets to more serious issues like bullying and school struggles. Follow along with us as we share some of our favorite articles, and discover them all on GSUSA's Raising Awesome Girls page

You know your girl can be—and accomplish—anything she sets her mind to. So when choosing a holiday gift for her, don’t limit yourself to traditional “girly” presents and toys or even what’s specifically on her list. Gift giving is a great opportunity to open her up to new ideas, interests and experiences she’s not yet even aware of. There’s a whole world of fun out there for your daughter, and not all of it comes in a shade of pink.

If she loves dressing up, find fun and creative costume sets that will help her dress up as a superhero, doctor, or fire fighter. Princesses are fun, too, but having options and switching it up will boost her imagination and remind her of all the possibilities open to her.

If she loves movies and cartoons, look into stop motion animation sets. Several brands are making kid-friendly options that will help her create and direct her first feature. Who knows—by next year, she might have an Oscar nomination!

If she loves being outside, give her a pair of cute new hiking boots, a water bottle or canteen, and a map of local trails. The two of you can spend your holiday break planning which treks you’d like to take next.

If she loves watching sports, help her make the team herself. An over-the door basketball hoop (or one for the yard), a street hockey set, or new soccer gear are all great gifts with staying power. Regular time spent with you to practice? Icing on the cake.

If she loves stargazing or is into horoscopes, encourage her to learn about the stars that surround us with a telescope. You can get a fairly simple one or go fancy—it’s up to you—but no matter what, she’ll have fun learning more about the constellations, planets, and real science behind our universe.

If she’s always on the go, make sure she has what it takes to get herself out of a bind with either a bike repair kit or, if she’s of driving age, a roadside emergency kit. Then help her learn how to tune up her bike or jumpstart her car.

If she loves playing with makeup, pick up a DIY lip balm kit. She’ll pick up a few STEM skills while learning how to make one of her favorite products, and maybe even show a new interest in chemistry.

If she loves to sing or listen to music, help her make her own tunes with kid-friendly keyboard or guitar. If you’re musical, teach her how to play—and if you’re not, it’s easy to find simple lessons online.

If she loves video games, challenge her to create her own! There are a few different make-your-own video game kits in stores, and there are also plenty of books that can help her learn to make one on your home computer.

Helping your girl develop new passions by showing her the amazing range of opportunities in our world is perhaps the most valuable gift you could ever give her.  So be imaginative this year and give her something she may have never even dreamed of. 

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