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Eat. Share. Show Communities We Care.

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GSOSW's cookie program ended on March 8. But did you know that many Girl Scout councils begin their cookie programs in mid-March? It's true. And that means that due to escalated safety risks around COVID-19, Girl Scouts in other councils have had to suspend door-to-door sales and cookie booths, possibly before their sales have even started. This impacts their ability to reach their goals and fund important programs, experiences, and learning.

In challenging times, Girl Scouts step up to help each other! That's where Girl Scouts Cookie Care comes in. YOU can help your sister Girl Scouts by encouraging people in your network to participate! Purchase cookies online, donate to provide comfort to first responders, volunteers, or causes in need in impacted communities, or simplyl help spread the news. It all makes a difference!

Visit for more information or to eat, share and care today!