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Introducing the Civic Leadership Challenge


GSOSW is excited to present the Civic Leadership Challenge Patch Program! This patch program is all about identifying ways in which you already embody leadership in your communities and figuring out how to propel that into further action to create positive change in your world! Learn about different types of civic engagement, from traditional forms of participation like voting, to learning how to be a supportive neighbor and community member.

Each month we will release three activity options under one theme. To earn the patch, complete one of the activities each month and record your experience in a “Civic Journal” that you design. You can record your experiences with writing, pictures, drawings, or any other reflections you may have as you complete activities. Look at the “How to record in your Civic Journal” step in each activity for ideas on how to reflect on what you’ve done for that month. Don’t worry if you miss a month, you can complete the activities in whatever order works best for you! Between March and April 2021, submit two selections from your Civic Journal via email to to show us that you’ve earned the Civic Leadership patch! These patches can then be found at the GSOSW Shop online. 

November’s Civic Leadership Challenge is all about voting! This month you will make observations on the history of voting in our country, learn what you can do to help promote the vote today and encourage people who can vote to use their voices and make informed choices. Get started on the November Civic Leadership Challenge today!

Remember that when working on Girl Scout activities or projects like these, you must stay nonpartisan, and cannot make or communicate anything that favors or opposes a particular candidate who is running for office. Check the “?” within each month’s theme for more details on how to complete the activities while following Electioneering Guidelines for Girl Scouts. 

Some of the activities in this patch will require research online. Please make sure to review the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge with your adult before starting this patch program.