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Get Ready for the 2021 Fall Product Program


Join us for the fun, adventure and learning that the Fall Product Program provides! Our theme this year is “Rise Up” and the Emperor Penguin is our 2021 mascot (see below for some fun facts about our 2021 mascot!).

Benefits of Participation

When a Girl Scout participates in the Fall Product Program, she learns essential life skills, builds her confidence, and begins to step up and take the lead in powerful, everyday ways—from raising her hand to speak up, to finding the silver lining in a bad day, to saying “yes” to new challenges.

Girls learn and practice five skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics, as they earn proceeds for their Girl Scout experience and exciting rewards. 

The Fall Product Program is an excellent way to earn start-up funds for your Girl Scout activities and projects throughout the year. Proceeds stay local to benefit girls and our council. Troops earn 10% on each magazine subscription sold, $1 for order card orders, 20% for online girl deliveries and 20% for direct ship order. Alternatively, Girl Scout Juliettes earn Pathway Credits based on the total units sold. See 2021 Fall Product Program manuals or contact us for details.

Along with individual recognitions, girls can create their own avatar and earn personalized and themed patches—including the crossover patch for girls who meet criteria for both the 2021 Fall Product Program and the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

How the Fall Product Program Works

With the Fall Product Program, girls explore entrepreneurship by offering family and friends the opportunity to purchase delicious nuts, chocolates and magazines.

There are multiple ways to participate:

  • In-person by taking orders using the nut order card and collecting payments.
  • Online by inviting friends and family to place an order. Customers can choose to have nuts, chocolates or magazines shipped directly to them, or they can select from a group of nut and chocolate products that girls can deliver.

Ready to participate? Talk with your troop leaders about your troop's participation in the Fall Product Program this year. Check out some important dates below, and get ready to learn and earn with the Fall Product Program!

Questions? Contact your troop leader, service unit product manager or Girl Scout product program staff for more information.

Important Dates

Date Details
September 17, 2021 Program begins—online ordering opens and girls may sell in-person
October 21, 2021 Last day of order taking with the order card AND deadline to enter the items sold into the online system
October 26, 2021 Last day for online girl delivery orders
November 11-13, 2021 Nut and chocolate items will be delivered to Service Unit sites
November 29, 2021 Last day for online orders for magazines and shipped nut and chocolate orders

Fun Facts about the Emperor Penguin 

  • They are the largest of all living penguin species and breed annually during the Antarctic winter, June through August. During this time, temperatures can drop as low as -76 °F with winds as high as 124 mph.
  • Colonies of adults and chicks work together to huddle for warmth. 5,000 or more tightly packed adults and chicks shuffle around, so each takes a turn on the outside of the huddle where it is cold.
  • Their aerodynamic bodies and strong flippers make them excellent swimmers, reaching speeds of 7.6 mph. They can dive to a depth of 1,800 feet and hold their breath for up to 22 minutes!