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Girl Scout Tree Promise


Join Girl Scouts across the country on our mission to protect the planet from the effects of climate change! With the Elliott Wildlife Values Project and American Forests, GSUSA is launching a bold tree planting and conservation initiative. Girl Scouts is setting out to plant five million trees across the country in five years, and to protect and honor new and existing trees. Not only is this great for wildlife, it will also help ease the effects of climate change.

By participating in the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you can earn a special patch! Ready to join in?

How to unlock your Tree Promise patch:

  1. Take the Girl Scout Tree Promise to plant, protect, or honor trees! (See pages 5-6.)
  2. Use the toolkit to participate in fun activities to help you keep your Tree Promise. (See pages 5-10, then use the rest of the packet for extra opportunities.)
  3. Keep an eye on the GSOSW Activities page for events that will support the Tree Promise.
  4. Record any trees you plant in the online tree tracker.
  5. Get the Girl Scout Tree Promise patch through the Girl Scout Shop! 

In April and May 2021, earn your Tree Promise patch by participating in the NASA GLOBE Observer Trees Challenge. Find activities here!