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Girl Scout Troop Travel Update


With many areas of our council now approved for in-person meetings, your troop is likely determining if you are ready to meet again. This is exciting and different, with a new set of guidelines to follow and new group dynamics after a long pause from typical social activity. Once your troop is approved and ready, take time to return to meeting in-person. Do fun team bonding activities to reunite the girls and help them feel comfortable. Take time to get back to a routine of meeting and planning together. If the troop has goals to travel or plans that have been postponed, build the return to in-person meetings into the trip timeline. Once possible (see “Overnight Troop Travel” below for details), include a girl-planned overnight in your plans as well, to get the girls away from home and comfortable with the support of the troop. This could be a weekend campout, a night at the coast or even a troop sleepover. As with everything in Girl Scouts, progression is key to helping girls develop skills and be successful in what they do. Naturally, a progression back to travel should take place for every troop, no matter the level.

Troops who have returned to meeting in person again can opt to do day trips. These are short trips away from the meeting place. Please follow the guidelines in Girl Scouts Together to ensure social distancing, sanitation and all applicable guidelines are met. If the day trip includes a high risk activity like horseback riding or snowboarding, please check if your activity guide is on our High Risk Activity Partner List (Approved Outfitters) and submit a Trip Planning Summary (form #119a) to your service unit travel coordinator at least 4-6 weeks before the trip.

GSOSW is busy behind the scenes planning for all possible scenarios as travel restrictions are lifted and areas of our council re-open. We want to support your troop in meeting again and returning to your planned activities and trips as soon as it is safe to do so! We also understand that families, volunteers and girls have different perspectives and levels of comfort regarding COVID-19, and want everyone to know that there is no pressure for troops to travel this year if they are not ready.

Overnight Troop Travel
While we were hopeful that overnight travel would be possible beginning in April, we are currently still under overnight restrictions for youth organizations set by the state. Until those are lifted, no form of troop overnight travel can take place.

As we enter spring, with troop travel still very uncertain, we ask that all troops adjust travel planning to follow this timeframe:

  • Regional/national trips: June-December 2021
  • National/international trips/Destinations: 2022

We are optimistic that troop travel will be able to take place in the summer. For troops that want to continue planning for the possibility of travel, please remain flexible and prepare for changes or postponement of the trip if needed. We recommend that you avoid making purchases towards the trip for as long as possible. Be sure to set a “cancel by date” that aligns with cancellation policies for transportation, lodging and activities in order to keep from losing any troop funds if the trip should need to be cancelled or postponed. Then assess travel guidelines and restrictions regularly. If overnight restrictions are still in place one month before the trip is scheduled, the trip should be cancelled or postponed.

Questions about Girl Scout travel? We're here to help! Reach out to