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U.S. Bank Transition Update


Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to transfer accounts from Wells Fargo and open new accounts at U.S. Bank in advance of the start of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The good news is that we can serve troop banking needs more quickly and seamlessly now. This transition to U.S. Bank will have no impact on your troop's ability to participate in the cookie program in 2022.

Transition Process

  • Council opens the account for you and changes signers etc.
  • Council transfers the funds from your Wells Fargo account into your shiny new U.S. Bank account.
  • You will receive an email describing how to log in electronically to your account.
  • You have 96 hours to create a login or the link provided will expire. Call Commercial Customer Service 1-800-203-2656 or email them at if you need the link resent.
  • If you use Venmo or Square: change the account number that these transactions go to, to the new account number at U.S. Bank. There are articles about how to do this at and
  • Setup account alerts (see below for details).
  • U.S. Bank mails your new debit cards.
  • Make sure that you have the card and PIN in hand and call the automated system using the number on the back of the card to activate. The PIN will come in a separate envelope, maybe not on the same day. Do not take them up on the offer to do it by phone with customer service. This won’t work because of the way the debit cards are issued.

Benefits of New U.S. Bank Accounts

  • Council can send money to your troop through U.S. Bank’s SinglePoint online portal and the funds will be in the account immediately - and the council will not need to pay an ACH fee.
  • During the fall product and cookie seasons, troops banking with U.S. Bank will be able to make deposits to both the council and troop accounts with one trip.
  • We are eliminating paper forms to support banking and also the necessity of going in person to the bank, except to make deposits.

How to See Your Transactions (Transaction Detail Report):

  • Sign onto SinglePoint.
  • Select Information Reporting on the left side of the screen.
  • Select Reports.
    • Select Previous Day Reports then Previous Day Detail from the drop-down menu.
  • Select preferred format: Excel (is best) or PDF.
  • Select the blue Filter Report button.
  • Using the Accounts tab at the top, select the account to include in the report, if multiple accounts show up.
  • Using the Date Range tab at the top, enter range or choose from options presented.
  • Click blue button to view or export the report.

How to See and Print Your Statement:

  • Sign onto SinglePoint.
  • Select Information Reporting on the left.
  • Select Reports.
  • Select Special Report Name near the bottom.
    • Select DDA Statement PDF Format.
  • Select the account from the Account Name/Number drop-down menu.
  • Select a date for the report. These accounts have statements at each month end.
  • Select View Report.

Important Notes

  • We will NOT be sending checks for your new U.S. Bank account. Troops can purchase checks from vendor of their choice, e.g. Costco, or directly from U.S. Bank. The routing number for your new account is 123000220.
  • Troop accounts are set up as commercial accounts, meaning most bank support should be online or via the U.S. Bank Commercial Customer Support: 1-800-203-2656.
  • U.S. Bank branches are not set up to help with commercial accounts, so start with the 800 number.
  • If you do need to go into a branch to pick up a few ‘counter checks’ for instance, please tell the staff member helping you to look at the Account Remarks to see the signer information.

How to Get an Alert in Your Email or by Text When a Statement is Available:

  • Sign into SinglePoint.
  • Select Information Reporting.
  • DDA Statement Inbox.
  • Schedule Data File delivery.
  • Special Reports, drop-down and select DDA Statement in PDF or CSV format.
  • Include your account by moving it over the right.
  • Choose Destination Secure Email.
  • Enter your email.
  • Enter the subject line you would like to see on the monthly email.
  • Enter Monthly Statement in Name the File Delivery Schedule, save.

When in doubt, please call Commercial Customer Service at 1-800-203-2656 and they will walk you through the process.

How to Set Alerts on the Account—Very Important to Do!:

  • Sign into SinglePoint.
  • Personal settings.
  • Manage LaunchPoint and Messaging.
  • Enter email if you want messages to go to two emails (we suggest that both signers get them).
  • If you want a text which is more immediate and therefore preferred, select Set up Mobile Number:
    • Accept terms.
    • Enter mobile number.
    • Select Sent Verification Code.
    • Then enter the code and click Enable Phone. Important because some transactions can only be challenged for 24 hours.
  • Put a check mark in the box for the notifications that you want, in the column that matches your preferred method to receive the communication.
  • Please set up these messages:
    • Balance Below Threshold limit – use this to be notified when your account balance falls below your expected balance.
    • User Will be Inactivated – if you do not log in for 90 days or more, you will be inactivated on SinglePoint. This is a warning that gives you 5 days to log in and avoid inactivation. If inactivation happens, please contact the council. Reminder: you are responsible for logging in at least once a month to ensure that girl funds are safe and no fraud has occurred.

If Your Name Changes:
You can call Commercial Customer Service at 1-800-203-2656, or you can email them at, or call the council office. We want to ensure that MyGS and the bank records agree, so please change your name there before contacting the bank or the council.

The U.S. Bank Mobile App is Called SinglePoint
You will find it in the app store. Use the same credentials as for the online platform. Do not search for just any U.S. Bank app; use “SinglePoint” as your search term. There are many apps, and only the SinglePoint app will work.