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GSOSW offers 13 properties for your different activities, from small gatherings to large events. Our sites include indoor and outdoor spaces for meetings, campouts, classes, special occasions, and virtually any gathering for both Girl Scout members and non-members. Visitors must comply with GSOSW policies for usage.

Guide to GSOSW Properties

To see descriptions of our properties, explore the Guide to GSOSW Properties.

Explore by Location


Explore by Property Type


Camp Arrowhead

Stay in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge near Stevenson, Washington. Camp Arrowhead has 260 acres of forest, meadows, trails, and a lake. 

300 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Camp Cleawox

Located two miles south of Florence in the Oregon Dune National Recreation Area, this 47 acre site is situated on a freshwater lake.

188 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Camp Whispering Winds

Start your adventure in the forested hills of Kings Valley, northwest of Philomath and Corvallis. The camp includes 220 acres and a central lake. 

228 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Outdoor Program Centers

The Homestead Outdoor Program Center

Stay at the beautiful, historical Creighton Homestead in Rhododendron, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood!

40 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Ruth Hyde Outdoor Program Center

For a primitive camp experience, spend your time at this 90 acre property near Grants Pass, Oregon. Choose from activities on site or around the scenic area!

100 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Mountaindale Outdoor Program Center

This hidden gem among 50 acres of woods is a bird sanctuary with hiking trails and a pond for nature study. Located in North Plains, Oregon, just a quick drive from Portland.

128 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Indoor Program Centers

Medford Service Center

An ideal location for gatherings, workshops, projects and first-time overnights.

30 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Albany Program Center

A great place for your meetings, projects, and overnights; or a great stopover spot as you go out and about!

40 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Newport Program Center

Stay here after a fun day of beach time, lighthouse exploring, hiking, and walking along the pier!

15 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Seaside Program Center

In the center of Seaside and an easy walk to the ocean front, this property is a perfect place to gather before and after your coastal adventures!

15 person max. sleeping capacity.

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Service Centers

Bend Service Center

This property offers a wide variety of Girl Scout gear—from uniforms and clothing, to toys, games and more—located in the Bend River Promenade. A small office adjoins the shop which includes a small conference space for your meetings.

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Eugene Service Center

This location has a Girl Scout Shop as well as a 20-person conference room for your trainings or other gatherings. Conveniently located near University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium.

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Medford Service Center

An ideal location for gatherings, workshops, projects and first-time overnights.

30 person max. sleeping capacity. 

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Portland Service Center

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s headquarters provides a variety of spaces for your meetings, trainings, activities, projects, and Girl Scout supply needs. Visit the Girl Scout Shop for your essentials and more! We have the tools you need to host a productive gathering.

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How to Reserve a Property

Girl Scout Members:

  1. Consider where to adventure, then make your property choice!
  2. Check the property availability calendar for your chosen property. As a Girl Scout member or Juliette mentor, you have access to this calendar. It is password protected, so contact your service unit travel coordinator or the site registrar for login information.
  3. Refer to Girl Scouts Together for guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Submit necessary travel forms from the Forms page to your service unit travel coordinator and receive approval for your trip.
  5. Submit the Girl Scout Program Site Agreement (form #700) to to make your reservation request. The site registrar will confirm your reservation by email.


  1. Consider where to adventure, then make your property choice!
  2. Contact our site registrar for availability dates, property rental information, and to obtain a rental agreement.
  3. Please note, the Seaside Indoor Program Center is unavailable to non-members.

To reserve a meeting room at any of our GSOSW service centers, contact:

Portland Service Center or 541-622-6156

Medford Service Center or 541-622-6156

Eugene Service Center or 541-622-6156

Bend Service Center or 541-389-8146

To reserve properties for overnights and events at all other properties, contact or 503-977-6834.

Contact the site registrar at  or 503-977-6834.

Service Projects at Girl Scout Properties

Trail clearing, firewood chopping and stacking, touch-up painting, bat and bird house constructing … we appreciate the time, energy, and resources of volunteers who have provided these and other services for Girl Scout properties! Volunteers are a vital part of the team as we maintain and improve our properties making them the best they can be for all who visit—including the wildlife!

Looking to do a service project at a GSOSW property? We have a variety of opportunities ranging from two-hour projects to multiple-day endeavors. Many projects are well suited for teens and also for younger members, but some may have age restrictions due to the nature of the project. We will work with you to determine a project most appropriate for your troop, your service unit, or for a day trip to the property for you and your Juliette.

Here are just a few project ideas you might consider at a Girl Scout property:

  • Debris gathering, stacking and burning
  • Cleaning boats and boat sheds
  • Equipment maintenance for archery, low ropes, or boats
  • Identifying issues on trails, clearing rocks and trip hazards
  • Landscape beautification—weeding, trimming, planting
  • Creating or refurbishing letterboxes
  • Checking inventory for supply needs, especially in kitchens
  • Chopping and stacking firewood
  • Deep cleaning structures
  • Shoveling and spreading bark dust, soil, or gravel
  • Pool cleaning
  • Building wildlife habitats—bat houses, owl boxes
  • Sign maintenance
  • Painting

Are you interested in one of these projects or an idea of your own? Would you like to know if your project would qualify for property rental credit? Reach out with ideas or questions to