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Program Credits

Throughout the Girl Scout Cookie and Fall Product Programs, girls practice five skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics—and decide how to run their own business! These product programs are girl-powered, and girls make the decision about how they want to be rewarded for all that great effort. One of the ways girls may receive recognition for their individual participation is through Program Credits. Program Credits include Cookie Program and Nut Credits, Pathway Cards for Girl Scout Juliettes, and Adventure Passes.

Just as they make decisions about their own cookie and fall product businesses, girls decide how they will use their program credits. This page details how each card can be used, including resources on where to find applicable forms and websites to help redeem credits.

Program Credit Q&A

These are the most common questions asked about Program Credits. Have a specific question not answered here, or need support? We're here to help! Contact us at

What types of program credits are there?

Cookie Credits are earned for participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program at specific sales levels. Cookie Credits can be used for a wide variety of Girl Scout experiences. See the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section at the bottom of this page for more information.

Nut Credits are earned for participation in the Fall Product Program at specific sales levels. Nut Credits can be used for a wide variety of Girl Scout experiences. See the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section at the bottom of this page for more information.

Adventure Passes are earned for participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program at specific sales levels. Adventure Passes can be used for specific types of Girl Scout travel and camp experiences. See the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section at the bottom of this page for more information.

Pathways Cards are earned by a Girl Scout Juliette (individually registered Girl Scouts) for participation in either product program.

How are program credits earned?

Girls earn individual recognitions for their participation in Girl Scout product programs. At set sales levels, a girl may earn Program Credits in lieu of a physical recognition (for example, a plush animal).

  • Girls must make a choice between Program Credits or physical items at any earned recognition level where Program Credits are listed as an option.
  • Girls can choose Program Credits at one level of sales, yet a physical item when another sales level is reached. It is not required to select Program Credits at all levels of sales.
  • Girls must communicate their choices either personally through M2OS for the Fall Program or by sharing their choices with their troop product manager for the Cookie Program.

Further explanation of how to make selections of Program Credits is covered in the Family Guides provided with a girls sales materials.

If a girl’s choice of Program Credits is not made by specified deadlines, the default election will be the physical recognition. Once physical recognitions are ordered from our supplier, substitutions cannot be made.

Who earns program credits?

Program Credits can be earned by any girl registered for the appropriate membership year that participates in a product program.

Girls registered in a troop or as a Juliette are eligible to participate in either or both the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program.

What can program credits be used for?

There are many ways to use your Program Credits! The table below summarizes how specific credits can be used. To see more detail, click on a usage type, or see the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section at the bottom of this page.

  Cookie/Nut Program Credit Adventure Pass Pathway Card
Renew Girl Membership  
GSUSA Destinations Travel
GSOSW Activities/Events  
Approved Troop/Patrol Travel See note*
GSOSW Overnight Camp
GSOSW Day Camp
GSOSW Retail Purchases  
Girl Scout Gold Award Projects  
Service Unit Events  
Card Expires Yes Yes If girl is not registered by January 1 of each year.

*Troop/Patrol Travel is when girl members plan and execute travel in a troop or travel patrol setting requiring group planning and collaboration.

How does a program credit get redeemed?

There are lots of ways to use your Program Credits! The redemption process may vary depending on how you plan to use your credits. See the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section at the bottom of this page for usage-specific information. Have a question about credit redemption? Contact us at

Do program credits expire?

In most cases, Girl Scout program credits do have an expiration date. Find your card(s) in the list below to see their associated expiration dates, if applicable.

Issued Expiration
2019 or later Card does not expire if girl is registered by January 1 each year.


2021 Fall Program
Issued Expiration
2021 Fall Product Program September 15, 2023



2022 Cookie Program
Issued Expiration
2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program September 15, 2023



2022 Adventure Pass
Issued Expiration
2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program September 15, 2023



Issued Expiration
2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program September 15, 2024



Issued Expiration
2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program September 15, 2024



What do program credits look like?

See "Do Program Credits expire" section above for images of each current program credit card.

Can girls share their program credits?

Sharing of program credits between Girl Scout siblings is allowed. Handwritten, signed permission by the girl program credits were issued to is required to acknowledge that the cardholder wants to share their program credits with their sibling, and for which activity. The sibling must be a registered Girl Scout member. Be sure to submit this note whenever redeeming program credits.

A girl may wish to share their credits with a fellow Girl Scout. In that case, a handwritten acknowledgement from the cardholder will need to be submitted to GSOSW stating the girl’s awareness and approval of sharing the credits. Prior approval from GSOSW is required. Email to get started.

Can program credits be used like cash?

Program Credits are not the same as cash or gift cards. They are a way to help a girl use credits within GSOSW. They cannot be redeemed for payment by outside payment processing systems.

Program Credits cannot be used for an online shopping cart payment, or for purchases through GSUSA retail stores.

Program Credits can be used towards specific Program Guide activities where payment is collected by GSOSW directly. They cannot be used for activities where the payment is collected by a third party.

See the "How to Redeem Program Credits" section below for information on how to redeem credits based on the type of activity.

How/when does a girl receive program credits?

Girls receive their Program Credits in the form of a card.

A new card is issued each product program season.

Cards are mailed directly to girl homes to the mailing address listed for the girl in a girl's/family's My Account (My GS) profile. Families should be sure to update this information prior to the end of a product program to ensure the most current information is used for mailing.

Cards are typically mailed approximately one month after a product program concludes.

When cards are mailed to girl homes, they are accompanied by a letter explaining how the card may be used. This letter includes the card number. We recommend families keep this letter somewhere safe for future reference. If the card were lost, you can just reference the card number on this letter.

Please note that a girl who has an unpaid balance to the troop for a product program will have their Program Credits (and any other individual recognitions) withheld until the situation has been rectified.

What is a Juliette?

A Juliette is a girl who has a Girl Scout membership, but participates outside of the troop format. Girls participate in this way for a myriad of reasons, but are welcome to participate in the Product Programs just like girls registered in a troop.

A Juliette’s participation mirrors a girl registered to a troop in most ways. The primary difference is how a Juliette is supported through the program by an adult, and how funds are handled. For more information on Juliette participation, please contact your service unit product manager or for more information.

Please see the Juliette user guide provided with your sales materials to find out more about how the Juliette participates and how their credits are issued.

Can credits be used outside of GSOSW?

Program Credits may be able to be used for activities outside of GSOSW in some cases

  • If a troop is partaking in a group activity, and the payment is made from the troop account. See Troop/patrol travel for more information.
  • If a girl is attending an activity in another Girl Scout council as an individual. The same process described in Troop/patrol travel should be followed.
How do we check a program credits balance?

Using the card number visit Card number and this site are also listed on the reverse of the card as well as the letter provided in the cards mailing.

If you need assistance in verify card numbers or verifying card history contact including the girls first and last name, troop number and program the credit was earned during.

What happens if a card gets lost?

While physical cards are mailed to girls, the card itself is not required for redemption. All redemptions can be made with just the card number.

If you no longer have possession of the card number, email with the girl's first and last name, troop number, and which program it was earned during (Cookie or Fall).

GSOSW staff can provide the card number via email to the primary caregiver listed on a girl's account. Card numbers are not provided to troop volunteers or other adults to help ensure girls have autonomy to use the credits as they desire and have planned.

How to Redeem Program Credits

Learn more about where and how to use your Girl Scout Program Credits!

Girl Membership Renewal

Here is how you can renew your girl’s membership with Program Credits:

  • Log into your MyAccount.
  • Click on the yellow MyAccount button at the top of the page.
  • Click on Manage my household members.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the girl you’d like to renew.
  • Click on the green Renew button.
  • Verify member details are still accurate, then click Program Credits under Choose payment type.
  • After you review your cart and complete her renewal in your MyAccount, a GSOSW staff member will use program credits from your girl’s oldest program credit card(s) on file to process her renewal!

If your Program Credits don’t cover the full fee, follow up your email with a call to GSOSW at (503) 977-6800 to pay the difference with a credit card. Please remember that Program Credits can only be used to renew girl memberships.

Lifetime Membership

If your Girl Scout has just aged up to an Adult and graduated from high school, they qualify for the discounted Young Alumna Lifetime Membership ($200), and they can use remaining program credits toward their purchase! You can check out the benefits of being a Lifetime Member on Girl Scouts of USA’s Lifetime Membership page. Here is how you can renew your Girl Scout with a Lifetime Membership:

  1. Login to your MyAccount.
  2. Click on the yellow MyAccount button at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Manage my household members or My Household.
  4. Find the Girl Scout you would like to renew and either select:
    • Purchase Lifetime Membership (if Girl Scout is no longer listed as a Girl and/or it is outside of the renewal period, April to September)
    • Check the box next to “Membership” that has a status of “Renew as Adult,” then click the green Add Renewal button.
  5. Verify member details—make sure to put a new email address that is separate from your own for your Girl’s account!—then make sure you select Young Alumna Lifetime Membership from the membership options.
  6. Select Program Credits under Choose payment type.
  7. After you review your cart and complete the renewal in your MyAccount, a Girl Scout staff member will use the credits on file, starting at the oldest card, to process the renewal!

If remaining program credits don’t cover the full fee, follow up with a call to GSOSW at (800) 338-5248 to pay the difference with a credit card. The above process is only available to parents/caregivers of Girl Scouts. If a troop leader or service unit team member will be paying the difference, please have the parent/caregiver follow the above process first and then have the troop leader or service unit team member follow up with a call to (800) 338-5248.

GSUSA Destinations

Girls selected for GSUSA Destinations can submit the Program Credit Transfer Request (form #238) for payment towards their balance. Be sure to include your statement/invoice/receipt for the Destinations reservation.

Troop/Patrol Travel

Troops and patrols taking an approved trip can use Program Credits towards the expenses. To redeem, submit the Program Credit Transfer Request (form #238). Be sure to include the travel approval email or an approved copy of your travel paperwork with your transfer submission. *Program Credits cannot be used toward individual girl travel, only troop/patrol travel except for a Girl Scout Destination.

GSOSW Overnight Camp Fees

Online submission of program credits is the fastest and most accurate way to apply payment. Adults cannot use credits for Core Camp or for adults to meet ratio requirements. The only exceptions are for ‘She and Me’ or ‘Me and My Guy’ overnight camp programs. GSOSW members can redeem Program Credits and apply them to Overnight Camp balances via the Overnight Camp Cookie/Nut Credit Payment Form. This form is located on the Overnight Camp registration site UltraCamp. Program credits can be used at the Camp Trading Post by making a deposit before camp, or at the trading post on the last day. (Campers are not permitted to take cards to camp.)

GSOSW Day Camp Fees

Check with your day camp registrar for camp-specific procedures. Adults and camp participants who are unable to register for Girl Scout membership (young siblings, male siblings, etc.) to attend a day camp cannot use Program Credits to pay to attend day camp. The only exception to this is a Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter day camp in which the girl would not be able to attend without their own parent or guardian chaperone.

GSOSW-Sponsored Activities

Review the Program Guide online to see which activities are available to your girl, and which are available for program credit use. Make your reservation as indicated, and follow the instructions on the activity listing during registration to seek reimbursement from program credits.

Service Unit-Sponsored Events

Check with your service unit travel coordinator (TC) for procedures on submitting program credits as payment.

Cookie/Nut Credit Transfers may be utilized at service unit events with the Cookie/Nut Credit Transfer Request (form #238). It is the responsibility of the person requesting credit reimbursement to submit the form correctly and in a timely manner, to verify the requested use is appropriate to the card’s terms of use, to communicate with the activity/camp organizer(s) that activity fees will be paid with program credit, and to verify that these organizers have received payment from GSOSW.

Girl Scout Shop

Bring your program credits to a GSOSW shop or our traveling bus! If you cannot come to one of the Girl Scout council shops in person, you may use your program credits for a phone-in order or email to Check out some of our fun stuff on the GSOSW Shops web page. Your leader or other trusted adult may take your card to make purchases at the shop for you.

Girl Scout Gold Award Projects

Girls can use program credits towards their Girl Scout Gold Award project. Girls submit the Gold Award Project Program Credit Transfer Request (form #403) to the GSOSW highest award program specialist per form instructions for reimbursement of expenses. Applies only to the Girl Scout Gold Award.