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She's a force of nature—let's get her outside!

Explore the 2023 Summer Camp Programs brochure to learn more about camp programs this year. Registration is now open!

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At Girl Scout overnight camp, your girl will make friends and have fun while building skills and confidence to last a lifetime. She'll be guided by trained, high-quality staff ready to share their knowledge and love of the outdoors. Her counselors and new friends will become her community, cheering her on, encouraging her when she falters and helping her find the best in herself—the willing-to-try-it, believe-in-my-capabilities, can-do-anything version of herself you see in her every day. She’s a force of nature, so let’s get her outside!

Epic adventure awaits at Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s three unique overnight camps in the Columbia River Gorge, Willamette Valley, and on the Oregon coast.


Explore Girl Scout Overnight Camp Types

Classic Camp

Classic Camp, available at all three overnight camps, is the traditional overnight camp experience. During each session, campers will enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, campfires, cookouts, paddling on the lake, leadership games, art projects, songs and more. Campers will individually select focus areas to explore during their camp session. 4-day classic campers will select one focus area and 6-day classic campers will select two focus areas. This approach allows campers to get to know their instructors, progressively build skills, and gain confidence each day. Three focus areas will be offered during every Classic Camp session: STEM in the Outdoors, Art in the Outdoors, and Adventure in the Outdoors. Other focus areas will vary by week based on the activities available at their selected camp location.

Art in the Outdoors

Nature will be your camper’s inspiration as she explores the outdoors through music, art projects and photography. She will learn about symmetry, and then use her new knowledge and creativity to complete different art projects based on the different types of symmetry found in nature.

Stem in the Outdoors

She will explore the world with a scientist’s curiosity as she takes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) outdoors! Your girl will learn that math can be used to tell us all kinds of things about nature, from how tall or old a tree is to the weather, season, or time. She’ll make a sundial or build a rain gauge, measure the circumferences of some of the biggest trees on camp to find out how old they are, go on a shadow adventure and more!

Adventure in the Outdoors

Does your camper want to get outside and try it all? Your girl will experience all of the adventure that overnight camp has to offer as she develops outdoor skills such as fire building and orienteering, and hones her skills in outdoor sports such as archery and canoeing. She’ll also explore location-specific adventures like rock climbing at Camp Arrowhead, kayaking at Camp Cleawox, and archery at Camp Whispering Winds!

Specialty Camp

Specialty Camps are available at all three of our overnight camps. They give campers the opportunity to choose what they want their camp focus to be at registration. Maybe she wants to spend her week learning about and riding horses. Perhaps she wants to get off camp and explore the Oregon Coast or the Columbia River Gorge with her group. Maybe she isn’t quite ready to leave camp but wants to discover more about the camp magic that can be found there.

When not in her specialty camp activity, she’ll explore archery, boating, swimming, art projects, campfires and various outdoor skills. Girls can plan additional activities as a group, such as choosing a place on camp for an overnight under the stars. So many summer adventures await at our specialty camps!

Troop Camp

A familiar camp program will now be available at all three of our overnight camps, every week of the summer! Troop adventure meets overnight camp—it’s the best of both worlds. Girls and their troop leaders attend camp together participating in all of the classic camp activities as a troop like swimming, arts and crafts, boating and campfires. Girls entering grades 4 and above can also choose to try archery or other camp-specific activities. Additional activities are offered such as hikes, theme meals and all-camp events. Everyone gets “Me Time” in the afternoon to rest and recharge in their unit area—napping is encouraged!

  • Troops sleep as a group in cabins and spend the day participating in activities together. Multiple troops will live together in the same sleeping unit.
  • Troop leaders are responsible for their troop at all times, including wake-up, bedtime, transitions to activities, time in-between activities, downtime, etc.
  • Camp staff will lead activities such as swimming, boating, an art project, nature activities and more! A camp staff member is assigned to check in with troops, but will not be assigned to live with the troop for their experience.
  • Two meals a day are eaten in the dining hall with all campers, while one meal is packed up and eaten at a location on camp chosen by your group. There are always plenty of snacks (and coffee) to go around.
  • Girls have opportunities to interact with other campers, but most of your time is spent as a troop making camp memories together!

All adults registered for Troop Camp must have a current 2023 Girl Scout membership and must have successfully completed a GSOSW background check.

Troop Camp Registration: To register your troop for a Troop Camp session, please complete the 2023 Troop Camp Registration Request form. Only one adult volunteer per troop needs to fill out the request form. Once we have received your response, please allow 10-14 business days for us to place your troop in a session and share next steps for registration. Have questions? Reach out to

Friends and Family Camp

Experience the wonder of camp with your girl! GSOSW Friends and Family camps provide opportunities for girls to attend camp with a trusted adult in their life. Me and My Guy is for girls and an adult male, She and Me is for girls and an adult female, and Me and My Person is for girls and an adult of any gender identity. Make memories as you enjoy staff-led swimming, boating, crafts, nature activities and campfires. These programs are a great way to try overnight camp for the first time.

Activities are offered all day long and girls and their adults get to experience them together! Classic camp activities are scheduled into your day (swimming, boating, an art project and campfires) and additional activities are offered such as hikes, themed meals and all-camp events. Girls entering grades 4 and above also can choose to try archery. Everyone gets “Me Time” in the afternoon to rest and recharge in their unit area!

These camp programs are available for girls entering grades 1-12. All adults attending must have a current 2023 Girl Scout membership and must have successfully completed a background check with GSOSW. Whether you’re a longtime camper or you’ve never slept in a cabin before, this program is a perfect chance to spend a few days in nature with a special girl in your life.

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Have your questions answered in real time from the comfort of your own home! Meet Outdoor Program Manager Abby Schmidt, hear more about the facilities and programs, and learn about the fun coming up this summer.

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 Registration Information

Overnight camp is open to all girls entering grades 1-12 in fall 2023—no prior Girl Scout experience required! If your girl is not already a registered Girl Scout, $25 will be added to your total camp balance to cover Girl Scout annual membership dues through September 30, 2023. Explore our website to see the many exciting opportunities available to her as a member!


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