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Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor experiences in Girl Scouts provide opportunities for girls to discover, connect, and take action in ways that build courage, confidence, and character. These experiences increase girls’ understanding and curiosity about the natural world and shape girl leaders who are environmentally conscientious.

Spending time in the outdoors is a cornerstone of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The all-girl environment and proven programming show girls the benefits of outdoor experiences in ways that encourage them to take healthy risks and overcome their fears. Explore all the outdoor experience that Girl Scouts has to offer!

Do you have an idea for a new outdoor program? Share it by filling out the Girl Scout Program Idea Submission Form!

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Outdoor Progression with Girl Scouts

Progression allows girls to learn the skills they need to become competent in the outdoors, including how to plan and organize outdoor activities. This valuable chart can help adults acknowledge a girl’s mastery of an outdoor skill and invite her to challenge herself further.


Outdoor Progression Chart


Earn Outdoor Badges, Fun Patches and More!

NEW! Winter Adventure Patch Program
Winter Adventure GSOSW

Ready to learn all about adventuring in the winter? Get started with our newest patch program to open a whole new world of outdoor skills and fun! Each of the five steps of the Winter Adventure Patch Program is meant to help you work towards a winter adventure goal you set for yourself.

The Great Outdoors Challenge

The Great Outdoors Challenge is all about getting outside and getting excited about the amazing natural world around us! Each month, complete a challenge like day hiking, geocaching or gardening and document it in your nature journal. Complete the challenge by June—National Great Outdoors Month—and you'll earn a special fun patch! Patches are available for purchase at any GSOSW Shop.

Outdoor Career Exploration: Trails to Your Future Patch Program

If you care about the environment, have a business idea to get people outside, or simply love to spend time in nature, you might consider a career in the outdoors! There are endless opportunities to work outdoors as an adult, and this patch program is meant to help Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors explore various careers and take steps toward them. You’ll hear from women with outdoor work experience, discover your values and gather tips that could help you land your dream outdoor job. Get started!

Outdoor Badges and Journeys
Outdoor Badges and Journeys

Girl Scout outdoor badges and Journeys are available for all Girl Scout grade levels, from Daisies all the way up to Ambassadors! Through hands-on and age-appropriate experiences, girls build problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills as they learn to be capable and confident in the outdoors, whether in their backyard or the backcountry.

Explore outdoor badges available to all grade levels >

Girl Scout Ranger Program

The National Park Service and Girl Scouts of the United States of America have partnered to create the Girl Scout Ranger Program. Girl Scouts are invited to participate in a variety of existing, organized educational or service projects at national park sites, or design their own experience or project to align with Journey work, badge activities, or Highest Award project.

Step-by-Step Guide >

Learn more >

Girl Scouts State Parks Passport
Girl Scouts State Parks Passport

The  Girl Scouts State Parks Passport will help you document your travels as you visit different parks and try various outdoor activities. Completing the passport will earn you a GSOSW fun patch! Some of the activities in this passport recommend use of the internet. Be sure to complete the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before you start!

To print, download the Girl Scouts State Parks Passport to your computer and open from your files. When printing, select “booklet." Once your passport prints, fold the papers hamburger style so that it makes a half page sized booklet.

Hike Selection Guide

Are you hoping to expand your hiking and outdoor skills? Use this guide to help determine what an appropriate hike is for you at this time. Step 1 helps you determine what your current hiking level is. Then, Step 2 will help you understand what types of hikes may be a great fit for you. Finally, you can get ideas for where to hike in Step 3. Happy trails!

GSOSW Hike Selection Guide




Get Outdoors Map

This map is an interactive resource made just for you. Click on the icons on the map below to check out local, fun things Girl Scouts can do outside.

New Location Submission

Get Outdoors Map Location Submission

Have you been somewhere awesome and would like to share this place with other Girl Scouts? Fill out this form (with as much detail as possible!) to submit a location for consideration. Approved locations will be added to the map within 10 business days!

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