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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

You are a scientist, an analyst, a mathematician, an engineer—even an astronomer! You are all of these things and more every single day. You look at the world around you with curiosity and wonder; questions fill your mind on how things work and ways to make the world a better place. You are ready to push boundaries, experiment with the world around you, and learn as you go. Girl Scouts will introduce you to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) so you are confident in your ability to go out and change your community and world for the better—whether that's designing a more eco-friendly car engine, running your own business, or caring for animals. Girl Scouts will give you the tools you need to get there.

Do you have an idea for a new STEM program? Share it by filling out the Girl Scout Program Idea Submission Form!

When girls participate in Girl Scout STEM programs, they benefit in four important ways:

1. STEM Interest: Girls are excited about STEM subjects and want to learn more about them.
2. STEM Confidence: Girls have confidence in their STEM skills and abilities.
3. STEM Competence: Girls think scientifically to solve problems.
4. STEM Value: Girls learn the importance and relevance of STEM to people and society.

November is STEM Month!

From programming robots, to discovering what lives in a watershed, to designing your own building, there is tons to do and explore this November during STEM Month. Explore 14 different STEM-centric events taking place throughout the council, including our annual STEM Day! Join Girl Scouts from around the council on November 12 in Salem, Oregon, to explore over 25 different activities hosted by some of the coolest STEM partners. Conduct experiments with PDX Women in Science, meet a local raptor with Chintimini Wildlife Center, even build your own solar system with Oregon State University's Astronomy Club!

Register for STEM Day today for $8 per person. At this price, registration is filling fast—so be sure to sign up today!

STEAM Challenge Patch
In celebration of STEM Month, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington is introducing the NEW STEAM Challenge patch! This year-long challenge will give Girl Scouts the opportunity to discover the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in their lives with exciting new activities to try each month, opportunities to use STEAM to help their community, and even taking the STEAM pledge!

Earn STEM Badges, Patches and Journeys

STEAM Challenge Patch Program
STEAM Challenge Patch GSOSW

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math—otherwise known as STEAM—is all around us! It is a part of everything that we do every single day. The STEAM Challenge is all about beginning to explore STEAM in a fun and new way by trying different things. This challenge is a year-long adventure where each month you will complete a new activity of your choosing, centered around a different STEAM theme. You will have the chance to explore the STEAM in your own life, and the opportunity to dig a little deeper to understand why and how some of the things around us work!

Check out the STEAM Challenge Patch Program!

Oregon Dairy Patch Program

All of the steps to complete this fun and educational program patch have at-home options. Learn where milk comes from, how it is processed, how dairy can play a role in our nutrition and what careers are possible in the wide world of dairy. Check out the Oregon Dairy Patch activity booklet!

The Science of Sewing Patch Program
the science of sewing

Get ready to stitch together your next new adventure with GSOSW’s Science of Sewing Patch. You will explore the STEM that goes into any fiber or textile art by exploring some of the history, understanding career opportunities, creating your own project, and exploring ways you can lessen your impact on the world with these projects! Check out the Science of Sewing Patch Program!

STEM Badges

At a time when women account for half of the college-educated workforce but fill just 29 percent of science and engineering occupations, Girl Scouts is cultivating girls’ interest in STEM subjects from an early age, helping them build valuable STEM skills so they can take the lead. 

From Designs in Nature to Digital Leadership Girl Scouts has many new ways for girls to explore STEM!

Check out the new STEM badges.

For more information, visit the Award and Badge Explorer. Volunteers can also access this new programming on the Volunteer Toolkit.

STEM Journeys

Through STEM journeys you will identify problems, work together to come up with creative and sustainable solutions, and then turn those ideas into a reality! As you work to find real world solutions to real world problems through STEM, you will build your skills and begin to take the lead as a change maker. 

Some of Girl Scouts STEM Journeys are:

Engineering: Think Like an Engineer
Girls discover how to think like an engineer by participating in hands-on design challenges and completing a Take Action project.

Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer
Girls learn how programmers solve problems by participating in computational-thinking activities and completing a Take Action project.

Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist
Girls make observations and collect data by doing a citizen science project and completing a Take Action project. 

Even More STEM!

Pi Day

Do you like pie? Of course! What about pi, as in the amazing mathematical number?! Join Girl Scouts to celebrate this amazing and infinite number on Pi Day, March 14.

Last year, 86 Girl Scouts from around the council celebrated Pi Day by taking on the 2022 Pi Day Challenge. They participated in six different at home activities to earn a special Pi Day Challenge patch. Keep an eye out for this year's Pi Day Celebration details coming February, 2023!

Girls Get STEM

Unleash your inner citizen scientist! Explore family STEM activities, check out educational videos and companion curriculum, and take a virtual field trip. Learn more and get started.

Space Science Spotlight

Join an Astronomy Club

Do you love space? Exploring the great unknown and pursuing answers? Do you enjoy helping others learn in fun and creative ways? Join the GSOSW Astronomy Club! Enjoy night sky viewing, try out space science activities, plan outreach events and connect with astronomy experts.  Discover space, try at-home activities and stay connected with the monthly Space Girls Gazette newsletter, produced completely by girl members of the GSOSW Astronomy Club.

If you are interested in joining the GSOSW Astronomy club, please contact

Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts can explore the science of our universe through badges, clubs and travel thanks to the NASA-funded Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts in partnership with the SETI Institute, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and more!

“Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts” is based upon a cooperative agreement (NNX16AB90A) from NASA’s Space Science Directorate through the SETI Institute.

Space Mission Experience

SPACE MISSION EXPERIENCE WEBINAR (GRADES 6-12):  Interview with an Astronaut Dr. Sandra Magnus and GSOSW’s very own Girl Scout alum ErinWatch now!

SPACE MISSION EXPERIENCE WEBINAR (GRADES K-5): Interview with an Astronaut Captain Wendy Lawrence and Girl Scout Katelyn. Watch now!

Space Exploration: Mars to the Stars

SPACE EXPLORATION: MARS TO THE STARS FOR GRADES 6-12: Join experts for an overview of the 2020 Mars mission and the stars beyond. Click the link and fill out the necessary information to view a recording from the live virtual event. Get started!

SPACE EXPLORATION: MARS TO THE STARS FOR GRADES K-5: Join experts for an overview of the 2020 Mars mission and the stars beyond. Click the link and fill out the necessary information to view a recording from the live virtual event. Get started!